Community ResourcesCommunity Resources Healing Pinellas
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Community ResourcesCommunity Resources Healing Pinellas
Please come in for assistance
Community ResourcesCommunity Resources Healing Pinellas
Please come in for assistance

Community Resources

Healing Pinellas is located in the heart of St. Petersburg. Our focus is to engage, enrich, and elevate our most needy individuals and families that are overlooked and underserved.

We pride ourselves on competence and compassion navigating the challenges the homeless and low-income face daily. We are a human first organization with an emphasis on grace and service. All the services we provide are assisted one on one. We look to make an immediate impact in the lives of our neighbors and within our community.

When it comes to a path toward stability, get assistance applying for SNAP, medicaid & other services to help you get back on your feet in St. Petersburg, Healing Pinellas is your dedicated resource for detailed information and personalized assistance. Our office is here to guide you through the application process and address any specific questions you may have. For a comprehensive understanding and direct access to assistance, we strongly encourage you to walk into our office.

Food Stamps - SNAP

Applying for SNAP benefits can be a challenging process for the elderly and disadvantaged. Our assistance can make a big difference in helping you receive the benefits you need to feed yourself and our family.


Applying for Medicaid and Medicare Savings can be challenging. The website can be difficult to navigate and understand. We can assist you apply or recertify in less than 25 minutes!

Social Security Disability

Healing Pinellas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive support to individuals with disabilities in Pinellas County and surrounding areas. With a team of dedicated professionals and volunteers, they aim to empower disabled individuals by offering a range of services, including assistance with the SSD application process.

Obamacare Services by Healing Pinellas

Healing Pinellas offers expert guidance to individuals seeking health insurance coverage through the ACA marketplaces. Their trained professionals provide personalized assistance, explaining the intricacies of different plans, determining eligibility for subsidies or tax credits, and addressing any concerns or questions.

Clothes and School Supplies

Clothes / School Supplies

Referrals for clothing and school supplies from community nonprofits and other agencies.

Reemployment Assistance

Reentry Assistance

If you are seeking re-entry assistance, applying for SNAP benefits, or housing referrals, we have several resources available to help you.

Mental and Emotional Support

Essential resources for mental health support on the Healing Pinellas page. Explore a comprehensive guide to Healing Pinellas services, ensuring your journey towards mental well-being is backed by dedicated assistance and valuable information.

Senior Benefits

Senior benefits are programs and services designed to support older adults in various areas, such as healthcare, finance, housing, and transportation.

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Food Bank and Meals

Food Pantry and Hot Meals

There are many food pantries and soup kitchens available to individuals in need. These programs are typically run by non-profit organizations and charities and provide free meals to individuals and families.

Addiction Recovery

Addiction Treatment Resources

Addiction is a complex condition that involves compulsive drug or alcohol use, compulsive behavior. We offer resources that can assist you.

Utilities are typically provided by private companies or municipal governments. Often, we face hardships that make it difficult to make those payments. We can assist in applying to available agencies to assist with late utility bills.

Shelter and Housing Resources

Providing adequate and affordable housing is a critical social issue, as it impacts the overall well-being of individuals and families. Access to housing can have significant effects on a person’s physical health & mental health. We can assist in providing you with resources for housing and shelters.

Free Government Smart Phones

Free Government Smartphones

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a program initiated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can receive a smartphone from a provider in our office.

Understanding Work Requirements For Government Community Assistance Programs & The Role of Healing Pinellas

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